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History of Chocolate

History of Chocolate

You may did not know that the arrival of chocolate in Europe was from Barcelona. Yes it was!!!

When Christopher Columbus arrived in Barcelona in 16th century, he presented a lots of great gifts to King Charles Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, which included cocoa beans. The seeds were mistakenly thought to be nuts, and for some time they assumed worthless. Until 30 years later, Hernando Cortes a Spanish conquistador and explorer who defeated the Aztec empire and claimed Mexico for Spain; produced a kind of chocolate beverage that was very popular and used for a long time with a variety of flavors (just the drink). It is interesting to know that the Spaniards have kept this gourmet bean and its source 100 years as a secret.

Of course, in the following years, solid chocolate was produced by other people and many European countries such as Belgium overtake chocolate from Spain, and the name of the other countries like Switzerland is known for delicious chocolate, but Barcelona is where the concept of chocolate we know today, was born  and now a days turns to a great place to taste sweet history and chocolates.

I confess that I found this information on the internet and also at the Barcelona Chocolate Museum. I did not know it before … But now I know that the birthplace of chocolates is Barcelona. By the way this photo is La Boqueria Mercat, one of the amazing sights that everyone should visit it. You can buy some delicious chocolate there as well. Read top 10 tourist attractions in Barcelona here.

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