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History of Chocolate

History of Chocolate You may did not know that the arrival of chocolate in Europe was from Barcelona. Yes it was!!! When Christopher Columbus arrived in Barcelona in 16th century, he presented a lots of great gifts to King Charles Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, which included cocoa beans. The seeds were mistakenly thought to be …

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10 facts about Spain

10 Facts About Spain Spain is more than just flamenco, bullfighting, sunshine and beaches. what What else is there? These interesting facts about Spain will get you prepared and informed if you’re planning to travel or to move to Spain, or if you are already here. Read this mix of informative and interesting facts about Spain that …

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What is Paella?

What is Paella? Without any doubt one of Spain‘s most popular and well-loved culinary delights is Paella. A traditional rice-based dish cooked with seafood, chicken, meat or even vegetables. The most traditional Valencian paella is a mixture of meat, chicken or rabbit (or both), green and white beans and other vegetables, but seafood is also common, …

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Top 10 Tourist attractions in Barcelona

Top 10 Tourist attractions in Barcelona Barcelona has become one of the first tourist destination of Spain, it has everything to please the majority of visitors. Wherever you are in Barcelona, there are so many sites that are worth visiting. Barcelona has some of the most unique and inspiring architecture in the world, so visiting of them is a must. Barcelona is a city full …

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