Trade Fair Tours

Are you travelling to visit or participate in an international trade fair or exhibition in Spain?

Are you looking for the reasonable trade fair tour packages?

No matter if you are a individual traveler or a group travelers, you just need an organized business trip in order to visit or even participate in your desired trade fairs or exhibition in Spain.

SkyBarcino caters to all visitors and exhibitors of all major trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses in Spain and  provides various services which are custom tailored to your specific needs.

Through our specific trade fairs tour packages we offer you many services:

  1. Accommodation (best and top rated of them)
  2.  Transfer to or from airport with private bus or car.
  3. We can provide you entrance ticket of the trade fairs or do visitors registration process.
  4. If you are an exhibitor and want to participate in any of the trade fairs or exhibitions and need a host, stand or space to rent we will do the process for you. We offer you unique places to spotlight your products and present your business offers to ensure that you make most of the trade fair by increasing your business contacts and further developing your business prospects.
  5. If you need translator in your language, SkyBarcino works with a group of best translators.
  6. Besides if you want to have a city tour in your leisure time, we would prepare the best city tour that suits your timetable and desires.

Through SkyBarcino, you will transform your business trip into a memorable event. Here you can some of our prepared trade fair tour packages in Spain based on the most visited trade fairs exhibition in Madrid and Barcelona. the packages prices may vary depends on the hotel and dates of the trade fair. Consult us for your desire trade fair tour package.

All of our Trade Fair Tours can be customized based on your request.

If you want to stay more or less than the duration of these tour packages or need additional services, we will tailor the package to your needs.

Contact us and ask for your special trade fair tour and additional services.

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