Spain Medical Tourism

Spain is a world-renowned medical tourism destination which has a healthcare system that is ranked 7th in the world by the WHO with 20 JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals and clinics.
In addition to incredible weather, friendly people, affordable lifestyle, and quite an international community, Spain has several vacation spots coupled with abundance of high quality medical facilities that makes Spain a very attractive destination for medical tourists. What is unique about Spain is that it has a low cost of living in congruence with a high standard of living, which translates to high quality health care at a low cost. Based on some reports, Spanish are the second-most satisfied people with their health care system.
The Spanish health industry bears an excellent reputation of the essential post operative care after any kind of surgery. This has led to millions of tourists flocking to Spain for medical treatment last year.

The Spanish health system is sophisticated and offers many high-quality facilities with lower cost in comparison with other hospitals in the neighboring countries.

Spain owns 750 hospitals with highly trained doctors and state-of-the-art facilities, 1.21 million beds and 450,000 doctors and nurses offering 2.4 million surgeries per year. The Joint Commission International (JCI) has accredited 20 hospitals and clinics in Spain, which are scattered throughout the country and located in Barcelona, Girona (east of Barcelona, near the French border), Oviedo (northern Spain), Navarra (northern Spain), Asturias (northern Spain, close to Oviedo), Tarragona (west of Barcelona), Cataluña (northwest of Barcelona), Malaga (southern Spain), Marbella (southern Spain), and Mallorca (located on an island south of Barcelona). Some hospitals even have a special wing dedicated to medical tourists and interpreters on staff (note that most Spanish doctors speak English and some hospitals require that its physicians attend seminars and retreats where they learn conversational English).

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SkyBarcino Medical Tourism Tour

Skybarcino offers unique Medical Tourism Tours based on patients demands. But let’s see what does we offer through these tours.

There are plenty of great reasons to choose Spain as a medical tourist destination and choose SkyBarcino Medical Tourism Tour. Spain has a wide variety of popular procedures such as: eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, obesity surgery, and orthopedic surgery, prices are competitive, facilities are excellent and many of the surgeries and clinics are located in some of Spain’s sunniest locations so that patients can benefit from a warm and soothing environment for a relaxing recovery break after their treatment or surgery. Means that patient can do the treatment and enjoy the touristic part in one trip.

SkyBarcino can accompanied you through this medical trip.

As we collaborate with one of the best health tourism companies in Barcelona we provide you almost everything from finding clinics and doctors for your specific case to scheduling appointments & even accompanying you on your travels. If you need to  request for an appointment in any of the hospitals in Spain, we can do it for you.