Sport Events in Spain

is a country that loves sports.  You can witness the best matches in Madrid, Barcelona and the rest of the cities including exciting finals and tense league matches.

Catalonia in the other hand, has a great sports tradition with top-class facilities and which are an international benchmark, such as the Olympic Ring of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, in Montmeló, or Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s stadium. Catalonia also stands out for its ability to organise large international sports events, so it is a preferential destination not only for elite sportspeople, but also for lovers of any kind of discipline. Sports tourism in recent years has become one of Catalonia’s mainstays thanks to its top-class facilities and its great offer of sports stays, either individually or in groups.

Make no difference whether you are a football fan and you want to experience the best live FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid matches at Camp Nou, or you’re a lover of F1 or MotoGP, Spain fulfill all of your desire.
In the whole Spain, you will be able to participate in some sporting events yourself or even cheer on your favorite sportsmen/women in famous world tournaments.

Discover most of the top sports events in Spain here.