Spain Festivals

Fiesta! Fiesta!


Spain is the land of festivals.

One of the most admirable things about Spanish people, is their commitment to a perfect festivlas.  The country is well-known for its cultural events. You may not be surprised to hear that Spain is one of the countries in the world with the most “días festivos” (holiday days) per year.  Throughout the year there are a lot of fiestas and festivals all over the country. Spanish people know how to party, and it seems like there’s a festival every 5 minutes!

Spanish festivals symbolize the very essence of Spain and the Spanish people. They’re colorful, vibrant, usually extremely noisy, often chaotic and always great fun. The nature of each fiesta depends on its origin. Some involve serious, even mournful religious processions but most are accompanied by street parties with marching bands, firework displays and much general merrymaking.  Though their origins are often cultural or religious, a fiesta is a fiesta, and many of them can get completely amazing. The Moors and Christians fiestas which take place all over Spain hark back to the centuries of Moorish domination which made a major impact on the country’s culture, cuisine, language and traditions.

One thing’s for certain: when it’s fiesta time, no-one does it better than the Spanish!

In every single city, town and village there is a unique festival of some kind which gets all the townsfolk out on the streets partying with their neighbors.

Additionally, each town has its own feria once a year- a time to eat, drink, meet new people and celebrate the Spanish culture.

Knowing what festivals are taking place at what time can help you to choose when to come to Spain or in which city specifically. This is especially true if you are only planning to come for a few weeks- it may be a good idea to time your visit with a major festival if possible, just to make your trip that much more special.

SkyBarcino month-by-month festival guide, offers you information on the most popular, colorful and unmissable festivals in Spain categorized in different cities.