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Hotel NH Capri, 4 ****, Hotel Presidente, 4 **** or Hotel H10 Panorama, 4 ****.
We will be with our colleagues, who will be attending the billing, at the airports of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​at least 2 hours before the departure time of the flight. We will go to the air Europa counter to fly to Havana. From Madrid we have about 10 hours flight time. Upon arriving at the José Martí airport, already in Havana, we will be waiting for you, at the door of the plane, to accompany us to the VIP room, where we can take something while we wait for the trunk to bring us luggage, to identify it and get it to the bus. We will pass the customs checks for special cabins enabled for our passengers, before going to the VIP room. Consider that we will be at the airport between 1 and a half and 2 hours from the time we land until we head for the hotel. Special check-in for our group with a Welcome Cup. We will have just over an hour to return to the reception of the hotel and go for dinner in a Penthouse (converted into a thriving palate), we will have dinner, welcome Mojito and lobster included … all this in the ” Havanera atmosphere of the 50s of the last century. Return to the hotel. If somebody is encouraged, you can go for a drink at the National Hotel, or enjoy the atmosphere of the Havana Malecon, just a few blocks from Capri.

HAVANA/ breakfast-lunch-dinner
Hotel NH Capri, 4 ****, Hotel Presidente, 4 **** or Hotel H10 Panorama, 4 ****.
Breakfast. We will stay at the reception of the hotel to begin an authentic tour of the old city: Old Havana. We will go to Cocotaxi or almond tree to the point where we will start the route. From the Capitol: cross the Park of the Brotherhood, then enter the Old Havana by the Obispo Street. Explore the most beautiful places in the area: Plaza Vieja, Plaza de San Francisco, Plaza de la Catedral. Walk calmly for Havana and enjoy the rhythm of its streets and its people. You will be invited to a Mojito, or to drink something refreshing, in the Terrace of the Hotel Santa Isabel, or in some of the terraces of Old Havana, as well as to eat in one of the best palates of Havana: Dona Eutímia. After lunch we will leave in ancient cars, from those of the 50’s of the last century, touring modern Havana: The Plaza de la Revolución and the Vedado area, but before we will stop at the famous and famous El Floridita bar, where we will take an excellent Daiquiri, to continue along the Malecón towards the glamorous Miramar district. We will visit the famous Fifth Avenue, to discover the history and architecture of the area. Returning to El Vedado we will finish the trip to the National Hotel of Cuba, where a good Mojito awaits us while enjoying the gardens and the sea view. At 7:00 pm we will be with you who will accompany you to dinner at one of the best palates in Havana and then enjoy the unique spectacle of the world-famous Cabaret Tropicana. Welcome Cup to Preferential Table. During the show, which we will enjoy under the stars, they will serve Ron Havana Club (1/4 bottle Añejo Reserva), with some drinks to combine, as well as a Saladito..

Havana – Tapaste – Guamá – Cienfuegos/ Breakfast lunch dinner. 

Hotel Perla de Mar, 4 ****, Hotel Palau Blau, 4 ****, or Hotel La Unió, 4 ****.
Breakfast. We will be packing in luggage at 8:30 in the reception to leave Havana in the direction of the 8-way freeway. We will continue along the 8 roads up to about 18 kilometers after leaving Havana, where we will leave the freeway to drive through the country roads, cross the small town of Tapaste, where we will make a stop to stretch our feet at home local family, and pick up a local guide, who will accompany us to Las Escaleras de Jaruco. The road that leads to the Las Escaleras de Jaruco park passes through a unique landscape in the world as regards the flora to be referred to, as well as the type of mountainous elevations that we will see. At the end of the way we will see the Havana coastline, and the sky line of the capital, from a perspective that few visitors have the opportunity to admire and enjoy. In an hour or so, we will be back to Tapaste, where we will take a little cool in the house of Esperanza and Raul, knowing a little about Cuban everyday life. At 11:00 we will head towards the Pantano de Zapata Natural Park. We have about 2 hours long of road. Again, we will go down the 8-way freeway. On the way we will see people who are making a bottle (self stop). At the Farmers’ Party we are waiting for you with a roasted pork and Cuban Creole food! … And if someone is encouraged to dance, it is the time to beat traditional Cuban music. After lunch we will be heading to Guamá, where we will visit the crocodile nursery, but before we will go to the Taina village, which is in the Lagoon of the Treasure, which we will travel on boats for a long time. Once on the ground again bus, towards Cienfuegos. After installing we will go to see the sunset from the Terrace of the Palacio del Valle, it will be a unique experience if time permits us. A little rest at the hotel. At night we will have dinner at Te Quedarás, one of the most recommended palates of Cienfuegos, and that will take us to the life of Benny Moré. The rhythm barbarian!



Cienfuegos – El Nido – Trinidad/ Breakfast lunch dinner. 

Hotel La Ronda, 4 **** with charm.
Breakfast. In the morning we will take a day out of the city. We will put comfortable shoes, swimsuits and cool clothes, to go for a walk and enjoy a spectacular and impressive place at the nature level: The Nicho! Day of nature, pure air, waterfalls and natural pools where we can give ourselves a refreshing dip. We will lunch at the Nicho area. Get in touch with the city of Trinidad, the best preserved of colonial cities. I suggest you walk through the city of Trinidad, which is how to travel back in time, and be surprised by the uniqueness of this town. There are many things to do and see, but especially at night you have to visit the stairs, next to the cathedral: live music, people dancing, lots of life. Dinner.

Trinidad/ Breakfast lunch dinner. 

Hotel La Ronda, 4 **** with charm.
Breakfast. We will take the Villa of Trinidad and the neighborhood: Valle de los Ingenios, Torre Manaca Iznaga, many things to do before dusk. Late free At night in the Casa de la Trova we can listen to live music, or simply walk through the quiet streets of a city that seems stuck in 300 years. Dinner on the palate in Trinitat.

Trinidad – Remedios – Keys of Villa Clara/ Breakfast lunch dinner. 

Hotel Memories Paraiso Azul, 5 *****. All Inclusive Plan.
Breakfast. Enjoy Trinidad this morning and then head to Cayo Santa Maria. On the way to fall, we will stop at Remedios, a town famous for its parrandas (similar to the Valencia faults), where we will eat and where we can have a coffee in a unique establishment that will remind us of Barcelona. Stretch your legs for the last stretch before leaving the island of Cuba heading to Cayo … the road that leads to Cayo is known as cornerstone. An amazing journey between small islets, a kind of travel on the sea. At the end of the afternoon we will arrive and we will have free time to enjoy the beach and the hotel.


Keys of the North of Villa Clara. Breakfast lunch dinner.

Hotel Memories Paraiso Azul, 5 *****. All Inclusive Plan.
Free days to enjoy life in the keys, the facilities of the hotel and the special activities organized in the Marina of Cayo Las Brujas. The activities that are organized in the Navy are, among others: excursion with Catamaran with food on board; Diving; Snorkeling, etc. These activities are optional and are not included in the price.

Keys of the North of Villa Clara – Santa Clara – Havana/ Breakfast lunch dinner. 

Hotel NH Capri, 4 ****, Hotel President, 4 **** or Hotel H10 Panorama, 4 ****.
Breakfast. Go to Santa Clara, take the opportunity to visit the center of this attractive city, where the remains of Ché Guevara rest. In the city of Santa Clara we will visit the monument of the Armored Train; the main park of the city; the old railroad station (which remains the only one in the city) and we will finish the route at the monument to Ché. Lunch at Santa Clara. We will continue traveling to Havana. We will be staying to enjoy the Cañonazo Ceremony. We will have a very special Dinner, reserved for 22:00, in one of the best palates in Havana: La Guarida, a classic highly recommended. To find out about the history of the La Guarida palate, you should consult about the famous Strawberry and Chocolate film, from the 90’s. Place frequented by world celebrities: Jimmy Carter, Beyoncé, His Majesty Queen Sofia and how famous he is lost through the streets of Havana. Return to the hotel in classic cars.



On the Havana-Madrid flight.
Breakfast. This will be the last day of this trip to Cuba. I recommend you to enjoy calmly in the morning, on your own and in your own air, walking down the Havana Center and Havana Vieja. At 14:00, in one of the authentic Cuban cars, we will go for a bit more of modern Havana: we will go to the exterior view of Castell del Morro, from where we will have an exceptional view of Havana dock and back we will make a Stop at Sloopy Joes, where we will take something, then continue on the pier to the glamorous Miramar district, where we will eat, at 1:30 p.m., at some good Paladar. They will accompany us to the airport to take the flight back to Europe.

Madrid – City of Origin.

Arrival in Europe and connecting flight.



Important Note: The description of the itinerary is generic and subject to variation without affecting the content of the program.


You fly through Madrid to Havana, with Air Europa. Departure from Barcelona.
VIP room upon arrival in Havana.
Air-conditioned transport & chauffeur, during the route.
Transfer to cocotaxis, almonds or classic cars for some activities.
Private transfer Airport – Hotel upon arrival in Havana.
Cocktail and Welcome Dinner in Havana at the Paladar Café Laurent.
3 nights Hotel NH Capri, 4 ****, Hotel Presidente, 4 **** or Hotel H10 Panorama, 4 ****.
Panoramic tour of classic Havana car extramurs, Fortaleza Morro Cabin and tunnel.
Visit Floridita with Daiquirí included.
Modern Havana route on old cars with Mojito at the National Hotel.
Tropicana with transfers & dinner in a good palate of Vedado.
Cañonazo Ceremony of the 9th.
Dinner at the most famous and exclusive of the Cuban palates: La Guarida.
Visit to Tapaste town, with visit to the Morán-Pérez family home.
Panoramic tour of the Jaruco Stairs.
Transfer to Cienfuegos with a transit visit to La Laguna del Tesoro, in Guamá.
Lunch in the Guamá area: Roast pork!
Cup in Palacio del Valle, Cienfuegos, in the afternoon.
Dinner at Paladar You will stay at Cienfuegos.
1 night AD in Hotel Perla de Mar, 4 **** or similar to Cienfuegos.
Excursion to the waterfalls or waterfalls of the Nicho, in transit to Trinidad, with food.
2 nights accommodation and breakfast at the Hotel La Ronda, 4 ****, with charm.
Dinner at the Iberostar Trinidad Hotel on arrival night.
Trinidad Dinner on the palate.
City Tour of Trinidad, with a drink in La Canchánchara.
Lunch in transit at Hotel Barcelona, in Remedios, with lobster included.
3 nights Hotel Memories Paradís Azul, 5 ***** or similar.
Panoramic car visit to classic Havana cars: Fortaleza Morro Cabin and tunnel.
Local guide to Cuba throughout the entire route.
Leader of Baraka to Cuba.
Some 1 liter water bottles on the bus during the route, courtesy of the agency (limited).
Detailed lunch and dinner in the itinerary.
Travel documentation.
Tourist Visa.
Target assistance.
Basic travel insurance (See other more comprehensive insurance).
Customs duties when leaving Cuba in the case of Air Europa (approximately 25.00 CUC)

Not Included

Tips for guides, trunks, etc.
Tickets to natural parks, museums and other places that may charge tickets.
Any service not detailed in the price includes this itinerary.


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